Other requirements

The following are requirements for events organised by Accredited Training Providers

For each course, there must be a single point of contact for delegate enquiries

For each course, there must be record keeping both of bookings and of attendance.

For each course, there must be a separate record of those who claim Society CPD with the relevant Membership Number. That record must be uploaded to the Society’s training record system within seven days after the conclusion of the event.

Each delegate must be informed of the Provider’s Accreditation number

In the event of cancellation of the event, it must be forthwith removed from the forthcoming courses list at the Society’s website.

The Society will require a single point of contact within the Provider’s organisation. This must be a director or partner of the Provider. That person will be responsible for ensuring that the Provider complies with the Society’s requirements as outlined herein or from time to time in force.

The Society may impose such conditions or requirements on any Accreditation as it sees fit.

As a condition of applying for Accreditation, the provider will be required to give the following undertakings:

a) to pay the annual and per-course fees as required.

b) not to make any reference to accreditation or proposed accreditation until approval is granted nor, in the case of course registration, before the registration process is completed including payment of the required fee.

c) to register only those courses that meet the requirements set by The Society

d) to keep in the prescribed format and register at the Society’s website a record of all Members claiming CPE for the Provider’s events

e) to distribute, have completed and submit to the Society a delegate questionnaire in the prescribed format.

f) to keep copies of all presentation and support materials for each registered course for inspection on demand by the Society or its inspectors.

g) to immediately provide copies of all materials provided to delegates in the event that the Society receives a complaint or adverse reports relating to a course.

h) to immediately remove from the Society’s list of forthcoming events any event which is cancelled

i) to keep the Provider’s contact record at the Society’s website up to date.

j) to purchase from the Society and keep in stock sufficient forms of completion certificate, and to distribute them to Members of the Society, signed by the presenter or by a Director or Partner of the Accredited Training Provider. If the Accredited Training Provider wishes to distribute signed completion certificates to non-members then, provided the official certificate form is used, the Society would consent to such additional distribution.

K) not to use the Society’s logo in any marketing or other material including but not limited to presentations, course materials, website or any other means save in relation to individual and specific events.