Course venue facilities

The Application must be supported by the following information:

– – examples of previous venues with description of the facilities.

Facilities for Society events should

– be quiet from external distractions

– be readily accessible by the disabled including wheelchair access to toilet facilities.

– be well ventilated with effective and appropriately controlled air conditioning or other temperature control

– be in a no-smoking venue (training room, location for breaks and meals). Smoking is not permitted at Society events and smokers must be directed to a suitable location e.g. an outdoor smoking area.

– have natural daylight, at least during breaks

– if the training is in a room with natural daylight, have effective curtains or blinds where necessary

– if necessary, sufficient power outlets for delegates to use laptops

– have sufficient and comfortable seating and writing surfaces

– have, where required, AV equipment of good quality.

– have a supply of drinking water throughout the event, not just at breaks

– have convenient access to public transport and / or free or subsidised flat rate parking.

Training materials must be an a workbook format which provides both materials and note-taking space. Additional reading material may be delivered on a CD or other storage medium (e.g. memory stick or card) which should be properly indexed.

Meals and snacks must provide for special religious or medical dietary requirements where notified by delegates at the time of booking. Booking forms must provide for this information in advance.