The Aims of the Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals are simple: to engender the highest standards of professionalism and to foster the widest knowledge amongst the members of the Profession.

The Society aims to achieve the following:

– to provide a virtual meeting place for members across the world without regard to the geographical location, culture or area of business

– to provide a certification process which will result in members being recognised as experts in their field

– to foster the development of local branches with a view to facilitating personal development and local interaction and interchange

– to foster the development of industry-specific working groups with a view to facilitating personal development and the making of representations in response to consultations

– to provide a structure by which the experienced may provide mentoring to the less experienced

– to provide education and training for those engaged in combating financial crime and money laundering and terrorist financing in particular

– to provide a clearly defined membership structure to recognise and reward those who achieve the required standards

– to provide a medium by which members may comment on consultation processes which are reviewed, correlated and submitted with the added weight of being Society representations

– to provide access to electronic libraries of materials including case studies, law, regulation, discussion papers etc. either directly or through access at discounted prices to third party materials

– to provide discounted access to The Financial Crime Forum

– to provide a platform for members to post conference papers so increasing their profile and facilitating the wide dissemination of ideas

– to provide a platform for members to write articles for the exclusive consideration of the membership.

– to provide a recruitment service staffed by experienced recruitment personnel.

To these ends, the Society will

– work to develop the membership of the Society in as many types of business and as many countries as possible

– encourage the formation of branches and provide network support to those branches

– be recognised as a leader of professional opinion and a membership of high professionalism and skills

– provide a special focus on emerging markets to enable professionals in those markets to reach international standards and to aid their employers to do the same

– work with specialists in the field of recruitment and head-hunting.