Accredited Training Course Provider: Application for Accreditation

This application form is for those training course providers which wish to become Accredited Training Course Providers for The Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals. It is not for conference organisers or university or other institutions seeking Accreditation for diploma or degree units, for whom there are separate schemes.

Note that your application fee must be paid at the time of making your application and your application must be accompanied by proof of payment.

The application fee for the 2010 – 2010 accreditation period is USD250.00 (which is charged as GBP175.00 via Google Checkout). If your application is rejected, your fee will be refunded, less a 25% service charge. Alternatively, you may effect a bank transfer in USD to the Society’s account with HSBC in Hong Kong or, for Hong Kong providers only, deposit a payment in HKD by cheque (HKD2,000). Use the “contact us” form to ask for account and payment information.