The Society is organised on a Global basis with branches.

The Society is organised as follows:

The Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Anti Money Laundering Network Limited, a Hong Kong registered holding company. Company details are at The Anti Money Laundering Network website (click on link below).

In this document, “The Society” means the The Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals Limited.

The Society is not organised as a non-profit organisation. It is not registered as an offshore corporation. The Society does business in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

The Society's share and initial operating capital is provided by The Anti Money Laundering Network Limited. Its growth and operations are funded by subscriptions and joining fees and in due course from sales of optional services, sponsorship and education and training courses.

Technical and administrative support for The Society is provided by AML Net Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian corporation which is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Anti Money Laundering Network Limited.

Presently, The Society does not maintain physical premises or staff in Hong Kong as its operational requirements are undertaken in Malaysia.

The Society is an umbrella organisation which operates on a form of franchise basis with branches in major financial centres around the world. The Society authorises the use of the name “The Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals” to regional, national and local “branches” of appropriately qualified professionals upon specific and limited terms. Branches are self-governing and organised according to their local law on Associations and Societies and the terms set by The Society. Each branch must have a chairman, secretary and treasurer and must maintain proper financial and other records.

The Society provides a number of centralised services for the benefit of members of the branches, including membership administration services. The Society remits to the branch a sum in respect of each of its members in accordance with the Regulations of the Society.

Each of those branches operates according to local law on associations.

Branches are responsible for arranging periodic meetings and for conducting the branch in accordance with the local laws on associations, and for operating in accordance with the Branch Regulations laid down by The Society.

Branches must seek approval before applying the name of the Society to any education / training event including conferences organised by the Branch or any third party. For the avoidance of doubt, only the Society Secretariat can grant CPE points in respect of any event.

The Aims of the Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals are simple: to engender the highest standards of professionalism and to foster the widest knowledge amongst the members of the Profession.

The Society aims to achieve the following:

- to provide a virtual meeting place for members across the world without regard to the geographical location, culture or area of business

- to provide a certification process which will result in members being recognised as experts in their field

- to foster the development of local branches with a view to facilitating personal development and local interaction and interchange

- to foster the development of industry-specific working groups with a view to facilitating personal development and the making of representations in response to consultations

- to provide a structure by which the experienced may provide mentoring to the less experienced

- to provide education and training for those engaged in combating financial crime and money laundering and terrorist financing in particular

- to provide a clearly defined membership structure to recognise and reward those who achieve the required standards

- to provide a medium by which members may comment on consultation processes which are reviewed, correlated and submitted with the added weight of being Society representations

- to provide access to electronic libraries of materials including case studies, law, regulation, discussion papers etc. either directly or through access at discounted prices to third party materials

- to provide discounted access to The Financial Crime Forum

- to provide a platform for members to post conference papers so increasing their profile and facilitating the wide dissemination of ideas

- to provide a platform for members to write articles for the exclusive consideration of the membership.

- to provide a recruitment service staffed by experienced recruitment personnel.

To these ends, the Society will

- work to develop the membership of the Society in as many types of business and as many countries as possible

- encourage the formation of branches and provide network support to those branches

- be recognised as a leader of professional opinion and a membership of high professionalism and skills

- provide a special focus on emerging markets to enable professionals in those markets to reach international standards and to aid their employers to do the same

- work with specialists in the field of recruitment and head-hunting.

Money launderers operate without regard to borders of any kind. They do not care what country they operate in, nor what kind of business they use as a vehicle.

Yet, the focus of governments is on the financial sector and, in some cases, on only a narrow part of that sector.

The result is that those seeking to combat money laundering are selected from a small range of potential money laundering targets and are drawn into a compliance culture.

The Society of Anti Money Laundering Professionals aims to change that, to go Beyond Compliance.

The Society aims to broaden the perspective of counter-money laundering professionals, and to provide a form of interaction between all the players from those in government who legislate, regulate and enforce to those in the community who must comply with laws that are much wider than simply the five planks of a financial services compliance regime.

The Society aims to provide a truly global interchange of ideas and to facilitate the mentoring of those new to the profession. Some people are new because they have just taken on the role and some because their country has only recently developed laws.
And the Society aims to provide support for those who are isolated, perhaps because they are the only compliance officer in their company or because their company does not provide the support that they need.

With a global education programme tailored to local needs, the Society will certify members to establish their capability in the profession.

Initially, admission is by a “grandfathering” process. Membership will at first be grown by invitation at The Financial Crime Forum events and by wider awareness programmes.

Once the Society reaches a critical mass, access to Student and Associate membership will be based on experience and to higher levels by a combination of experience and examination.

The Society will launch in due course its own certification process and we are at present in discussion with several universities to create a degree in financial crime which will include money laundering and other relevant topics.

Membership is subject to the overall supervision of the Society which may accept or decline any application for membership of the Society or any Branch or amend the level of membership in its entire discretion and terminate or decline to renew any membership in the event of breaches of the Society's Regulations.

All membership applications are submitted and considered by the Society and members are then allocated to an appropriate Branch. Branches may not approve or reject, continue or terminate any membership but branches will report to the Society any circumstances which may affect the Society's decision whether to so do.